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About us

Located in the historical city of Guimarães at the north of Portugal, Cunha & Ribeiro LDA is a family company that started the business in 1987 and over the years has achieved a stable and supported business growth without forgetting the integrity and moral values that a family business has.

The technological and organizational evolution has been the primary objective in the last years and with the support of a motivated and experienced team we have improved the efficiency and quality of the production reflecting in higher quality products and client satisfaction.  

Quality Policy

CONFECÇÕES CUNHA & RIBEIRO, LDA., has as fundamental objective the provision of its services with a high degree of professionalism and quality, through the fulfillment of the requirements of the interested parties and of the legal requirements, with a view to the total satisfaction of all interested parties in accordance with the requirements of standard NP EN ISO 9001, in order to obtain their loyalty.

The company bets on quality management as a factor of differentiation compared to the competition in order to become increasingly competitive and thus allowing the acquisition of assets. The implementation of a philosophy of continuous improvement through the management of its Quality Management System aims to optimize its processes, reduce waste and comply with legal requirements.

One of the company's bets is on its human resources since management is aware of their importance to the organization. To this end, it has focused on the well-being of its employees and the strengthening of their skills.

The company guarantees that the Quality Policy is known to all employees, who are involved in the Quality Management System of CONFECTIONS CUNHA & RIBEIRO, LDA.

Uma das apostas da empresa é nos seus recursos humanos dado a gerência ter consciência da importância destes para a organização. Para isso tem apostado no bem-estar dos seus colaboradores e reforço das suas competências.

A empresa garante que a Política da Qualidade é conhecida por todos os colaboradores, os quais são envolvidos no Sistema de Gestão da Qualidade da CONFECÇÕES CUNHA & RIBEIRO, LDA.

Work Sectors

The company is divided in distinctive teams with experienced technicians and high tech machinery  


What we do

The company has a very versatile structure allowing us to produce mass production products and also smaller ranges. We have the technicians, the machinery and the know how to produce outwear in circular knitting fabrics. We also have a big range of selected suppliers that in partnership allow us to offer our clients a confident vertical service.

                A few generic examples of what we do:


Rua Francisco Lima Júnior, 151
4800-840 São Salvador de Souto
Guimarães, Portugal

Tel: +351 253 570 401

Rua Santa Maria, 2647
4800-675 Souto Santa Maria
Guimarães, Portugal

Tel: +351 253 573 491

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